2015-12-18. AM 02:12

  • This news is about the “Galaxy Note Mobile Drawing Lecture” held on Friday, December 11. during the exhibition.

    The lecture was supported by artist Seo Jae-sung, who is also known as @icegido at PEN.UP, and artist Kim Min-su who is known as @miyune.

    They both have previously gave help for the “drawing tip” and “drawing lecture video” in PEN.UP and they also gave a mobile drawing lecture on PEN.UP day.

    We are really thankful that they accepted our request for the lecture with pleasure.

    Also, we are so happy that the posters of their lectures have been developed beautifully.

    The first program of December 11, the mobile drawing lecture of Artist Seo Jae-sung (@icegido), was given.
  • Seo, a sweet artist who often draws animals ranging from dogs, cats, bears, giraffes, whales to penguins, displays the warmth of animals through his drawings.

    Those who wish to draw good animals are recommended to learn this.

    Also, refer to the previous mobile drawing lecture video of Artist Park Jun-sung and Seo Jae-sung. ^^
  • This lecture was themed on “portraits of pets”.

    Not only the young participants, but also the seniors who have experienced Galaxy Note for the first time, all enjoyed the lecture.
  • Each single participant drew dogs with his/her own style.
    There were no rules; people just expressed with their emotions and imaginations with S-Pen.

    Now, we have dogs drawn in different styles. How fabulous! >_<

    Two hours just passed so fast after people concentrated on drawing.
  • What do you think of this picture?

    It is a drawing of dog drawn by artist Seo. The dog is wearing a Santa Clause hat in celebration of the Christmas.

    He colored based upon outlines and gave some dimensional effects with proper shades and highlights.

    A lot of people showed their will to participate in the lecture although they don’t have many experience in drawing.

    The layer, going back and forth features of the digital drawing seem to be an innovation. ^^

    Before the next lecture started, we got something to eat during the snack time.
  • The sandwiches and drinks were engraved with our PEN.UP logo.
    They look appetizing, right?

    Next came a lecture on “drawing personified characters” by artist Kim Min-Su (@miyune).
  • The topic was the draw the objects that are often seen around us and personify them in characters.

    It would be a good opportunity where limitless ideas came with imagination, which, of course, would be good for the brain working.
  • Artist Kim Min-su is the one who created the “Baobab tree character” in the drawing tip.

    We are sure you would know about this.

    Please refer to artist Kim Min-su’s PEN.UP Day video.
    >> https://youtu.be/-6tlBv0KAt0

    There is the mobile drawing lecture video of artist Kim Min-Su.
    >> https://youtu.be/QqOhuXOe8ow
  • He used various object samples to draw in arms, legs, eyes and nose in his own style to create a new character.

    Everyone looked so stunned to see how the everyday objects – home appliances and devices – come into characters.

    We really hope that the exhibition and the mobile drawing lectures were valuable to you.

    We will continue our efforts into developing new programs so that more people could partake in the Galaxy Note Drawing.

    Please look forward to the third testimonial from the exhibition! ☺