2015-12-17. AM 07:00

  • Eventually, the 2015 PEN.UP’s year-end exhibition was held in Samsung D’light in Seoul on December 7.

    Since the management team of PEN.UP has prepared this exhibition very diligently, we were also overwhelmed with joy.

    We will let you know the details of this exhibition that you must have been curious about.

    The works for this PEN.UP POPULAR ARTISTS EXHIBITION were composed of the works of the 12 artists in ‘Hall of Fame’, who have honored this year, and the works chosen as the excellent works and other works submitted for the theme of Challenge, which was conducted twelve times in total, and the works of the 6 popular artists who were helpful for the day of main event during the exhibition.

    Hundreds of visitors of this exhibition were very surprised to see the works as if they were saying,
    ‘Is this really drawn by Galaxy Note?”

    From now on, I will show you the 1st part of the epilogue including the preparation and beginning of this exhibition.
  • We arranged the drawings which were carefully printed by artist and did our best for the drawings to be looked nice.

    Even until the moment to move the drawings,
    my heart was beating!
  • This is the Samsung D’light located in Gangnam of Seoul, where the exhibition is held.

    In this place, which is completely changed by remodeling, how will the exhibition be conducted?
  • Tada!!

    Finally, this is the day to install the structures.

    Feeling excited and nervous, everyone moved the structures into the D’light carefully. This is so big, isn’t it?

    If you want to see the front, you can see the picture below. >_<
  • This big structure was the ‘Tablet Display Zone’ where your works are rolling.

    In the 30 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 devices which are attached on the stand, the colorful drawings are shown as a slide.

    A lot of visitors took a picture in front of it and it became the landmark of this exhibition.
  • And here, with horizontally 6 tablets and vertically 5 lines, total 30 tablets were installed.

    In the first and second lines, the works of the artists in ‘The Hall of Fame’ from January to December are displayed as a slide.

    In the third and fourth lines, the works by the theme of challenge from January to December are displayed as a slide.

    And in the bottom line, the works of the 6 popular artists who were helpful for this exhibition program are displayed as a slide.
  • It looks stationary in the picture.

    But if you see the video of this exhibition later, you can check that the drawings are displayed as a slide by artist and theme.
  • It’s so nice, isn’t it? The big stand of PEN.UP, which is bigger than the average height of person, is being displayed proudly at D’light.
  • And on one side, the works of the PEN.UP HOF artists who honored this year are displayed.

    8 works for each HOF artist were selected.
  • January HOF _ N3P /
    February HOF _ AL1ISBETTER /
    March HOF _ Grafixguru /
    April HOF _ Elmoghira /
    May HOF _ martinzz88 /
    June HOF _ Pato.Cha /
    July HOF _ TheJoker /
    August HOF _ pako /
    September HOF _ blankpageart /
    October HOF _ Duarte074 /
    November HOF _ M.Esquondolas /
    December HOF _ Abex

    The works of 12 artists are displayed on the big stand.

    And this time, I will show you the table stand where the devices including Galaxy Note are displayed.
  • Here, 35 artworks of June’s challenge: excellent artworks for endangered animals,
    July’s challenge : excellent works for buildings and
    September’s challenge: excellent artworks for BLUE and
    19 artworks of the artists who helped this exhibition are displayed.

    Seeing the works on the transparent acrylic panel, most visitors said “So beautiful and amazing!”

    and admired the PEN.UP’s culture that every member participates in the event with the various themes every month.
  • This is the scene that the PEN.UP’s story video is transmitted through the big screen in the D’light continuously.

    On the day of main event, the various programs were conducted through the big screen.

    From the preparation up to the beginning of this exhibition, a lot of people made an effort a lot.

    To show the details to the ones who couldn’t visit the exhibition because they are abroad, we prepared more postings by series.

    I hope you will also expect the next epilogue!