[HOF] 2015.12 @ABEX

2015-12-02. AM 01:31

  • Early in January, 2015, a new artist burst onto PEN.UP and fast became popular by showing how to render highlights of apples and water drops, etc.

    His works ranging from still-life, portraits, landscape to pictures of animals and flowers were created by Galaxy Note 4 and he instantly made close relationships with friends by showing dozens of works in a day.

    Now @Abex, a quite famous name for many PEN.ple has been chosen as a new member of HOF for the last month of 2015.

    Let's congratulate him together!!

  • He is a handsome Italian guy, whose profile picture shows a real masculine charm.

    His works carry his own visual characteristics and are full of special mood.

    These days he has presented many pictures of back figures of people in rainy scenes, which is another charm of his works.

    His works are always ranked on the high position of POPULAR menu list, and has got the top positions for many challenges, so now his art seems to be perfect enough to be recognized for its value by everyone.

    Most members of HOF never lose their humble attitude saying they still lack many things and there are other artists better than themselves.

    @Abex also keeps his humble attitude proving more than 100% of his capabilities and always trying to be better, which is a real model of great artists.

    As the year-end exhibition comes around, we has been wondering who would got the last opportunity of this year to show his works.

    At the time of wrapping up this year, we hope his nomination of HOF will be a valuable gift for him.
    We wish you all a happy end of the year.

    And we hope you all will pay lots of interest and love to POPULAR ARTISTS EXHIBITION 2015, the year-end exhibition where all members of HOF including @Abex show their works which have been presented this year.

    And the interview with @Abex is coming.
    Don't forget to leave a congratulatory message for him.