2015-12-01. AM 01:44

  • Before one knows, its' time to hold the last contest for 2015.

    We have been so happy that we could spend time communicating with all of you with pictures throughout the year.

    December is, above all, the month of Christmas Day.

    Beyond religious belief Christmas is an occasion celebrated by all the people around the world.

    That's probably because of "sincerity" and "gratitude", the meanings of Christmas when people spend time together.

    So to remind the meanings of Christmas, PEN.UP will hold a contest of "Making Christmas tree."

    We simply call it
    “Let’s draw Christmas Tree”
  • (CHARMY_Untitled / Delia_Christmas tree / Evangeline_Season's Greetings / Hanna-aris_Christmas beads)

    We decided to make it a rule to take a picture of our surroundings and create a Christmas tree in it.

    There could be many ways you can try to decorate a tree in the picture.

    We hope you will make this winter lively with those evergreen Christmas trees.

    It is said that each element of Christmas tree decorations has its own meaning.

    For example, food means prosperity, and light bulb means exorcising demons.
    So it would be an interesting contest to make a decoration element with your own wish, isn't it?

    During the month of December, we hope you fill Christmas trees with decorations.

    As PEN.UP is a place where people from around the world communicate with pictures, we hope you will create many characteristic Christmas trees, and PEN.UP is preparing gifts just like Santa Claus. ^^

    * Gifts : PEN.UP Christmas Gel Candles for 20 winners.