2015-11-27. AM 02:32

  • The theme of last October's challenge was to create "line sketches" for phone cases.

    Now we've got the winners.

    Galaxy inscription cases perfect as treasures and as gifts!

    We really wish we could give gifts to all those artists who created wonderful inscription cases for the challenge, but we had to choose just 10.

    Let's take a look at the chosen works.

    1. @Hani
  • The fist work! "Simple illustration for galaxy cover" by @Hani.

    It is a profile of a woman. The gradation is more emphasized than the lines.

    It is simple but impressive. The shadows seems to give the work more depth.

    We hope to see the phone case with @Hani's work inscribed.

    2. @Jonathanv97

  • This is the work introduced in the second notice for October's challenge.

    It is clearly representing the love for PEN.UP.

    We were so grateful that each letter of PEN.UP was elaborately designed as if each one is meaningful on its own.

    This winner is "Being Creative with letters" by @Jonathanv97.

    3. @Sondos.SM

  • This work was another one which was introduced during the challenge. The title is "Love."

    This captures the backs of two cats, a black one and a white one in love.

    The line sketch based on the harmony of black and white would make a wonderful phone case.

    You can expect it!

    4. @blackbunny

  • The fourth one is the one titled "I'm lonely".
    It shows a girl holding a bear doll.

    Clean lines and proper coloring of the work were perfect for a case.

    For this challenge blackbunny created different types of line sketches.

    If some of you would want to make a phone case with your work, her works would be a good reference.


    5. @kyliekwok

  • The fifth one is the one which looks like having an oriental style.

    "Coy koi" by @kyliekwok Two fishes were created in good contrast.

    Without any colors, just some simple lines created a chic and characteristic sketch.

    The case with this work on it would be a wonderful gift for parents.

    6. @DTWaling

  • Particularly for this challenge we had lots of skulls.

    Quite terrifying as they are, those skulls could give an impression stronger than any other things.

    And skulls have almost timeless appeal.
    The sixth work is "NALUtatu" by @DTWaling.

    By "tatu(tattoo)" of the title, he may have wanted to inscribe the shape on his body.

    Satisfied with just the inscription on a case.

    7. @MBD

  • The seventh work is "Au Naturale Note4 Artwork" by @MBD.

    The work "Naturale" in Italian means "nature."

    Just plain and natural appearance makes the profile of an Indian girl more innocent and exotic.

    This work seems to follow the guidelines of this challenge pretty well and is a line sketch perfect for inscription on a phone case.

    If you have got this one, please upload a confirmation picture! @MBD

    8. @Grace.Jeong

  • The next work a simple line work for a dolphin titled "Dreaming" and created by @Grace Jeong.

    The dolphin seems to be dreaming with its eyes closed and with shining water around it.

    And the artist’s creativeness to create an ocean using some simple lines only should be applauded.

    It looks like an ocean, or grass/fallen leaves or it seems that some winds are blowing.

    This would make a simple and cute phone case.

    9. @ jaya

  • This looks different from those introduced above, don't you think?

    This make us really curious about how it would look once a phone case has been made with this work on it.

    The ninth work is "heart tree" by @jaya.

    The shades were rendered so boldly that the entire tree is black.

    And next to the tree of love, a girl with long hair is resting.

    Always carrying this phone case on the body, let's hope her life is full of happiness.

    10. @N3P

  • The last work introduced today is "flower case" by @N3P.

    As expected of a popular artist in PEN.UP, he created a simple line sketch, a model with a correct understanding of the guidelines for this challenge.

    His signature "N3P" is also written with Gothic style so that it could be well inscribed on a case, and the overall appearance is simple by using symmetry tool and figure tool, which would make it a good phone case.

    You can expect some confirmation pictures for this work!

    So we have reviewed 10 works in total and their artists.

    How did you feel?

    Is there any work you want inscribed on your phone case?

    Probably these sketches would look quite different when they are actually inscribed on phone cases.

    And that would make you more satisfied.

    We really feel compelled to make, as soon as possible, phone cases with these works and send them to the winners.

    The 10 winners of October's challenge.
    Congratulations again!

    - @Hani
    - @Jonathanv97
    - @sondos.SM
    - @blackbunny
    - @kyliekwok
    - @DTWaling
    - @MBD
    - @Grace.Jeong
    - @jaya
    - @N3P

    Those who are the winners introduced above are kindly asked to send the name of their phone models.

    You can find the model name on the back of the phone or in Settings -> Device Information.

    ex) SM-N900S

    * Please note that any covers or cases for tablets(Galaxy Note Pro) can not be used for inscriptions.

    * The colors of phone cases are randomly decided.

    The winners are asked to send the information below via PEN.UP mail by December 2(Wednesday).

    [PEN.UP user name/ real name/ mailing address/ contact number/ Galaxy phone model name]


  • * Information for winners :
    Those who have won the event, please check the privacy policy until December 2(Wednesday).
    Then you should send personal information collection service phrase, as well as personal information
    (PEN.UP ID, real name, mailing address, contact number).
    You can reject to the personal information collection service, but in case of rejection, you may not be able to the get the prize.
    Also, the prize can be cancelled if you do not send us an e-mail within the notified period.

    * Personal information collection service phrase :
    I, hereby, agree to the term on personal information collection service.
    I have checked the term on personal information service delegation, and I consent to the delegation of personal information service.

    * Purpose of personal information collection and usage :
    To check prize winning for PEN.UP September challenge and prize delivery.
    * Personal information collection criteria: PEN.UP ID/ Real name/ Address/ Contact number
    * Period for retaining personal information and usage: November 27, 2015 – December 31, 2015

    * Caution when receiving prizes:
    The winning of prize will automatically be cancelled if personal information is not delivered until Sunday, October 25.
    In case the winner was not able to receive the prize due to wrong personal information, we cannot resend the prize.
    The personal information collected will be discarded within three months after the delivery is completed.
    Prizes will be sent out after December 2(Wednesday).