2015-11-25. AM 05:51

  • PEN.UP has been renewed with a new face.

    In this update 2.0, the biggest change is the overall design.

    And the positions of menus have changed a little, so you will need some time to get yourself familiar with these changes.

    But we are sure that you will soon get used to them and use PEN.UP more conveniently.

  • Overall, those main menus, which used to be on the left-hand side, have moved to the top of the screen.

    At the top left-hand corner, you can see MY FEED / POPULAR / HALL OF FAME / CHALLENGES.

    Other menus like DRAWING TIPS and APPS FOR PEN.UP will appear by clicking "MORE" button at the top right-hand corner.

  • So you don't need to move the screen to see the menu anymore.
    Try sliding the screen to the right and left. And you can see how easy it is to move the screen.

    There is no major change on features, but the overall change of design will give you a feeling of newness.

    One more thing! A feature to prohibit capturing screens with a detailed view of works has been added with this update 2.0.

    We hope PEN.UP will be a place where decent artists can share artworks in a more considerate way. ^^

    As always, we will do our best to make your drawing life more pleasant in PEN.UP.

    If you haven't got the update 2.0, just click the icon below.