2015-11-25. AM 01:56

  • November's challenge is drawing near.

    Hoping to make 2016 calendar more beautiful, we are reviewing your works of birth flowers again and again.

    Even though we have already received so many wonderful works of birth flowers, we have found out some months which require more of your attention.

    As you can see in the images above, works of these birth flowers has more possibility to make you a winner of November's challenge.

    Here are those months requiring your special attention.

    January _ Snowdrop (hope and passion)

    February _ primrose (happiness coming from trust and pure love)

    April _ Sweet pea (brightness, innocence, daring mind)

    September _ Aster / Dahlia (memories, trustful love, passion, happy news)

    December _ Poinsettia / Camellia (blessing, humble attitude, pining love)

  • * Don't forget to create your work on a white canvas.
    * The description of each work should contain the name of a birth flower and its emblematic meaning."

    We hope this 2016 PEN.UP calendar will be worth preserving through your efforts.

    Take part in the challenge right now!