2015-11-18. AM 06:20
  • Here's another exciting piece of news.

    Some of you may already have seen this added to Apps for PEN.UP menu.

    That's "Artecture" a new member of PEN.UP drawing apps.

  • Artecture, made by Samsung's Bangladesh R&D Center, is a drawing app with a new approach to sketch, drawing, and painting.

    Overall, the app looks simple featuring the intuitive interface, and offers easy-to-use tools optimized even for those novice artists.

    Each drawing app has its own characteristics, and different strengths and weaknesses, so it is important that each user try to find out the right one for themselves.

    From sketch, illustration to watercolor and oil painting, Artecture will help you create everything you imagine.

  • Artecture also allows you to post your works directly onto PEN.UP.

    Without any posting process, you can share works with friends inside the app.

  • Through the newly added Artecture with PEN.UP SDK, you can draw freely, and present your works to your friends.

    We hope you will love this app.

    Soon, we are going to upload a detailed introduction to Artecture.

    For downloading Artecture, refer to the link below.