2015-11-13. AM 03:06

  • Two weeks has already passed since November's Challenge started.

    Every day is another wonder if you check those uploaded works in the menu.

    Numerous PEN.ple are uploading beautiful birth flowers done with a variety of colors and styles.

    I wish I could put all these birth flowers into PEN.UP calendar for 2016.

    We are really grateful to those who upload wonderful works completed with passion for drawing and love for PEN.UP at each challenge notice.

    We hope all of you continue to show your wonderful talent. ^^

    This challenge is for birth flowers, which will be incorporated into the PEN.UP calendar 2016.

    More works for those popular months are being uploaded, which means a concentration of submissions on certain months.
    If you create birth flowers for other months, the possibility for your work to be chosen would increase.

    Those months which require your special attention are below.

    Take a look at them, and we hope some of you will create birth flowers for them.
  • 1. January _ Carnation / Snowdrop (hope and passion)

    7. July _ Larkspur / Sunflower / Water Lily (Serenity, admiration, longing, pure and innocent love)

    8. August _ Gladiolus / poppy (youth, momentary love)

    10. October _ Marigold / Calendula / Cosmos (Pitiable love, sorrow, pure heart)

    We firmly believe that the PEN.UP calendar 2016 will look wonderful thanks to your efforts.

    Again, don't forget that you would better try those rather unpopular months if you want to increase the possibility for your work to be chosen.

    And check again the requirements for selecting winners for this challenge.

    * Theme of the challenge - Creating birth flowers
    * Requirements – a birth flower on a white background, and a description for it.

    - Main points for November Challenge – “2016 PEN.UP Calendar Contest”

    ※Theme : Drawing birth flowers

    ※ How to participate :
    1. Draw your birth flowers on white canvas
    (Please leave the background color white)

    2. Recommended image size for calendar production : 1600*2585 pixel (we recommend vertical pictures.)
    3. Go to the Challenge menu and click on “Participate” button for November challenge. Upload your drawing.
    4.Write”brith flower name” & “flower language” in the caption.

    * Refer to the calendar design. Please leave the background color white.

    * It doesn’t necessarily need to be your birth flower.
    But drawing your own birth flower could be fun enough.
    It would be very meaningful to draw the birth flower you especially like for the flower language, right?

    * Please explain what birth flower you’ve drawn to your friends.

    * Prizes :
    A total of 12 drawings will be selected – one from each month.
    The winners will receive the calendar and an ecobag with the drawing printed on.

    ※ Period: From November 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015
    (The first 100 people will receive a calendar, so please participate in the event.)

    ※ Caution :
    1. All the drawings should be your own creation.
    2. Be advised that all the rights belong to the participant.
    3. In case one has been confirmed or seems to have infringed other’s copyright in his/her drawing,
    he/she can be excluded from the winner list or retracted even after the winner announcement is made.
    4.The winners’ drawings can be leveraged for PEN.UP’s promotional activities through proper compensation after negotiations.
    5. The drawings irrelevant to the themes can be excluded from the Challenged Menu after @PEN.UP confirms it.