2015-11-02. AM 01:06

  • We see thousands of drawings in PEN.UP.

    And, we come across various types of artists – artists who are popular, artists who are new and artists who interact with others well.

    Each of the artist has his/her own characteristic, and it seems that they are driven by “enjoyable drawing life” rather than some sense of purpose.

    We once said that it is so valuable for an artist to have a drawing style that embraces his/her own characteristic.

    In other words, it is important to draw well, but it is more important to be able to draw one’s own painting.

    It doesn’t matter whether one draws well or not or one’s drawing out be a simple doodle or a perfect painting.

    In this perspective, we would say that this artist has been loved for so long with the artist’s own drawing style.

    This artist is @M.Esquondolas!

    Congratulations! >_<

  • M.Esquondolas, who has been selected as the HOF of this month, is a good friend of us.

    He always gives us happiness and joy with the fresh and energetic drawings he uploads since his joining in March 2014.

    When you come across his gallery, you would say that “wow, this is fun to enjoy!”.
    The colorful portraits have their own brushing styles and background colors.

    Due to this, M.Esquondolas is equivalent to #portrait.
    You will get bored if it’s all about the same style portrait.

    But, he’s always improving himself with various styles of portraits, pursuing for changes every time.

  • Enjoy various styles of portraits that used Galaxy Note 3 in his gallery.

    He even has completed a portrait by using only two brushes.
    I would also want to learn his portrait drawing tip.

    M. Esquondolas lives in Portland, U.S.A.
    If you are still not his friend, go to him and send him a message to be friends.

    Also, please pay attention to the interview we had with him!

    M.Esquondolas, please send us an e-mail.
    We want to interview you!

    Congratulations again!