2015-11-01. AM 01:04

  • Around this time last year, we held a contest to make 2015 PEN.UP calendar.

    Do you remember that?

    You have all drawn in happy greeting towards the upcoming year.

    We were so pleased to deliver all the prettily made PEN.UP calendars to the PEN.PLEs around the world.

  • The theme for last year’s calendar contest was one of any seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter.

    Please refer to the below link for those who have not seen the reviews!

    The 2015 PEN.UP calendar was filled with pretty pictures that featured the characteristics of each season.

    Following last year, we decided to make 2016 calendar and we really spent time in thinking about the ideas to make the calendar really pretty so that everyone wish to have one.
    We bet the calendar design will be much prettier than last year’s! You can look forward to it!

    But before that, you need to submit various designs.

    The overall concept of calendar is important, but your drawings will be one of the most important elements that give vitality to the calendar.

    So, what we have prepared for 2016 PEN.UP calendar contest theme is “drawing birth flower” - drawing your birth flower.

    Do you like flowers?

    The birth flowers are the flowers that are related with the month of birth.
    The origin and history differ depending on the countries and regions.

    Many people probably only know that there are such thing as birth flowers, but many wouldn’t know what their birth flowers are.

    Perhaps, the birth flowers range so widely and differently depending on the birth of date and month, as well as on the countries and regions.

    Below is the list of birth flowers that are widely known.

    If you know other birth flowers aside from the birth flowers shown below, why don’t you introduce them to your friends?

  • - Birth Flower –
    1.January _ Carnation / Snowdrop (hope and passion)
    2.February _ Iris / primrose / Violet(happiness coming from trust and pure love)
    3.March _ Daffodil / Tulip (mystic and everlasting love)
    4.April _ Daisy / Sweet pea (brightness, innocence, daring mind)
    5.May _ Lily of Valley / Clover / Hawthorn (Mature, fortunate, the only love, generosity)
    6.June _ Rose / Honeysuckle (lovely and girlish love)
    7.July _ Larkspur / Sunflower / Water Lily (Serenity, admiration, longing, pure and innocent love)
    8.August _ Gladiolus / poppy (youth, momentary love)
    9.September _ Aster / Dahlia / Morning Glory(memories, trustful love, passion, happy news)
    10.October _ Marigold / Calendula / Cosmos (Pitiable love, sorrow, pure heart)
    11.November _ Chrysanthemum / Lupine (integrity, genuine, mother’s love)
    12.December _ Poinsettia / Camellia (blessing, humble attitude, pining love)

  • * The calendar design is for reference only. Design can be changed.

    - Main points for November Challenge – “2016 PEN.UP Calendar Contest”

    ※Theme : Drawing birth flowers

    ※ How to participate :
    1. Draw your birth flowers on white canvas
    (Please leave the background color white)

    2. Recommended image size for calendar production : 1600*2585 pixel (we recommend vertical pictures.)
    3. Go to the Challenge menu and click on “Participate” button for November challenge. Upload your drawing.
    4.Write”brith flower name” & “flower language” in the caption.

    * Refer to the calendar design. Please leave the background color white.

    * It doesn’t necessarily need to be your birth flower.
    But drawing your own birth flower could be fun enough.
    It would be very meaningful to draw the birth flower you especially like for the flower language, right?

    * Please explain what birth flower you’ve drawn to your friends.

    * Prizes :
    A total of 12 drawings will be selected – one from each month.
    The winners will receive the calendar and an ecobag with the drawing printed on.

    ※ Period: From November 1, 2015 to November 30, 2015
    (The first 100 people will receive a calendar, so please participate in the event.)

    ※ Caution :
    1. All the drawings should be your own creation.
    2. Be advised that all the rights belong to the participant.
    3. In case one has been confirmed or seems to have infringed other’s copyright in his/her drawing,
    he/she can be excluded from the winner list or retracted even after the winner announcement is made.
    4.The winners’ drawings can be leveraged for PEN.UP’s promotional activities through proper compensation after negotiations.
    5. The drawings irrelevant to the themes can be excluded from the Challenged Menu after @PEN.UP confirms it.

    Through this challenge, it would be meaningful to get to know what your birth flower is and to understand the flower language of the flower you especially like to become the type of person that matches well along with that particular flower.

    You will get the only calendar that has your drawings on it.

    Don’t miss the chance of having your drawing shine on the desks of your friends, families and beloved ones.