2015-10-26. AM 08:38

  • We have already passed half the period of October's challenge for "Galaxy cell phone case inscription."
    Until now, many artists have shown their talents as much as possible.

    Among the numerous works, there are some works which make us think it unbelievable that they were created by Galaxy Note and tablets.

    Some works made me want to inscribe them on my cell phone case right away, but I couldn't take them all, which is regrettable.

    You can take any Galaxy phone case with one of PEN.ple's works inscribed on it and give it as a present.

    Above all, if your work is chosen, that would be an opportunity to make your work known to the world.

    Although there are many great works, we have to introduce just 4 works today.
    The theme of this challenge was creating "line sketches" which are easy to be inscribed on phone cases. And here are some outstanding woks.
  • 1. @Jonathanv97 _ Being Creative with letters

    This one is clearly showing how much the artist loves PEN.UP.
    Each letter of the word "PEN.UP" is elaborately designed.

    If you take a close look at each letter, you know that each one has a different image.

    For example, "N" is designed to be a shape of arrow suggesting the north.
    "E" seems to suggest Eskimo.

    Icicles are growing under the letter, and there is a cute Eskimo holding an ice hammer behind the letter.
  • 2. @mpelayo _ Manny Boba bear

    The bear character is so lovely. ^^
    The character winking and having a lollipop in its mouth will be certainly loved by girls.
    The bold black and white lines are giving a feeling of fullness on their own.

    The text is arranged above and next to the character, which makes the composition more stable and creates the beauty of space.
  • 3. @Sondos.SM _ Love

    A lovely black cat and a white cat are romping around with pleasure.
    Black and white colors are creating a mysterious harmony.

    There are two cats perching on the railing staring at something.
    Are they in love?

    A heart arising between them is suggesting that they are in love.
    If some clearing of lines is done, it is likely to be chosen for this challenge.
  • 4. @Marval case _ N3P

    This picture shows 4 very familiar patterns in an impressive way.
    Each one is representing a hero, don't you think? The last pattern reminds us of Captain America.

    If this pattern is inscribed on a black case, that case will give a very strong impression.

    Personally, I would like to add some colors to this design and put it on the phone case to make it look more colorful.

    So, these are the 4 outstanding works for October's challenge until now.

    Take a look at the works introduced, and participate in the challenge ^_^

    This challenge would be a great opportunity to make the only case for you!!

    Drawing SNS, PEN.UP